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Me encontré éste estudio del Hay Group y me pareció muy interesante. Si quieres aprender lo que hacen las mejores 20 compañías respecto al desarrollo de sus líderes lee el estudio aquí, o haz click aquí para ir al sitio web de Hay Group, pero no te lo pierdas.

Espero que te sirva.

The 2014 Best Companies for Leadership survey findings

Now in its ninth year, our Best Companies for Leadership study has a simple, single purpose. We identify the organizations with the best leadership practices and then see what we can learn from them. Our study is the largest global research survey of its kind, with more than 17,000 individuals at 2,100 organizations participating. And it’s truly global in nature, with responses from 115 countries.

According to this year’s survey, the Best Companies for Leadership take a determined and disciplined approach to help leaders develop and rise within their…

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